Lesson 13: What Is The Christian’s Inheritance?

You were born into a world which has developed a certain type of civilization. The instant you were born you knew NOTHING! But your eyes opened, you looked about, and knowledge of what you saw began registering in your memory – began putting knowledge into your mind. Your ears heard sounds, and thus additional knowledge entered through the sense of hearing. Very elementary at first, but gradually, each bit of new knowledge, entering your mind through your sense of taste, smell, feel, sight and hearing, was ADDED to what had previously been stored there. … Continue readingLesson 13: What Is The Christian’s Inheritance?

Lesson 12: Proof of Biblical History

IS THERE proof OUTSIDE the Bible that the events described in Scripture really happened – that its great characters actually lived?

Where is the PROOF that Joseph was in Egypt? – that Abraham and his ancestors really existed? – that David was actually king of Israel? – and, above all, that Christ and the apostles were known by their Jewish and Gentile contemporaries? … Continue readingLesson 12: Proof of Biblical History